Who We Are

Releve Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy was established in 2010 and is founded and headed by ex-national gymnast and current FIG international coach and judge Miss Cherrie Kwek. The school has achieved many milestones, offering holistic recreational and competitive programs focusing on the strengths of each child. Aside from taking part and excelling at local rhythmic gymnastics competitions, Releve also prides itself in taking the international step- where gymnasts are given an opportunity to perform on the world stage!

Seize the chance today to train under the professional guidance of coaches and judges at Releve and bring out the best in your child!

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Our Mission

At Relevé Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy, our mission is to inspire and empower individuals of all ages and abilities to embrace the elegance and athleticism of rhythmic gymnastics, fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment that promotes personal growth, skill development, and a lifelong love for the sport.

Our Vision

At Relevé Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy, our vision is to foster a world-class, professional environment where aspiring athletes can thrive, pushing the boundaries of excellence and achieving their highest potential on the global stage of rhythmic gymnastics.

Meet Our Team

Experience exceptional guidance and expertise from our team of dedicated coaches who are committed to nurturing your skills and igniting your passion for dance and rhythmic gymnastics.

Cherrie Kwek
Head Coach
Robbie Tay
Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach
Nur Fartini Anuar (Coach Tini)
Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach
Phaan Yilin
Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach
Wong Chuan Hui
Assistant Coach
Angeline Lin
Assistant Coach
Kirsten Zee
Assistant Coach
Lecticia Siau
Assistant Coach
What People Say About Us

Elisa Ong (Katelin Heng)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything that Ms Cherrie & her coaches have done for Katelin. When she joined Releve at the age of 8, I would never imagine that she’d get to where she is today. Ms Cherrie took her in at a time when her school RG coach rejected her citing a lack of potential. What Katelin has managed to achieve in is far and beyond her dreams. It has been an amazing journey that could not have been scripted. Katelin has been blessed to have been coached and mentored at different stages, by Ms Cherrie, Coach Yilin and Coach Jaime, who have each, by their own design and effort, provided unwavering support as her pillars of strength.

It is with heartfelt gratitude to Ms Cherrie, for not only opening her arms to provide Katelin a second chance during her darkest hours, but also for opening her heart out to take Katelin under her unfaltering wing to nurture, to encourage, and to motivate. For all that and more, we are eternally grateful!

Peggy Ng (Sarah Chong)

We are thankful to have met Coach Cherrie as she gave Sarah the valuable opportunity to embark on her exciting RG journey. She is ever encouraging and, the care and attention that she showers on her gymnasts is second to none. Under her and her team’s coaching, Sarah has grown and matured tremendously as a gymnast as well as a young lady, always determined to put in her personal best.

At Releve, the coaches are professional, nurturing and their positive presence motivates the gymnasts to train hard and never give up. The club’s comprehensive RG and dance programme also exposes the girls to a holistic training to ensure they excel at competitions.

Carmen Huang (Penelope Lim)

After a few trials at various RG schools, we settled in Relevé as my girl (then 4 years old) really liked the coaches! The coaches have their way with the little ones - They are warm, know how to make them at ease, and make trainings enjoyable!

My girl has been with Relevé for 3 years now and we've seen her passion for the sport grow over the years. There were seasons when trainings got tough, but her coaches knew how much to push, when to pull back, and how to encourage her.

As a parent, I appreciate that the coaches celebrate progress, and not just the performance. I'm grateful that her training at Relevé has built her self-confidence and a love for RG.

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