Rhythmic Gymnastics
June 29, 2018

With the conclusions of NSG 2018, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls delivered outstanding results in the Primary and Secondary competitions! Releve would like to congratulate all prize winners for their perseverance, hard work and determination. Here are the results by division:


Primary C Division:


Team Standing: 1st

Individual Team Results: 1st [Kirstyn Koh, Gwyneth Koh, Steffi Chan, Lim Rae En, Zoe Lau]

Elite Junior (Stage 1) IAA: 1st position [Cleo Chew]


Primary B Division:


Team Standing: 5th

Level 3 group Freehand: 1st placing [Chantelle Ang, Stefanie Lim, Tan Rui Xuan, Koh Shan Jun, Clara Tan]

Elite Senior (Stage 2) IAA: 3rd Position [Katelin Heng Wie Qi]


Secondary C Division: 


Team Standing: 2nd

Individual Team Standing (Level 4): 1st

Group 5 Ropes Event: 2nd position


Secondary B Division:


Team Standing: 1st

Individual Team Standing (Level 5): 1st

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